What we're about

Let's meet a learn together new ways, how to hunt for various APT's, spot targeted cyberattacks, beat malware anti-reversing techniques and do some cool tech tricks on the way.
We welcome all levels of skills from none to the master spies. Different backgrounds, various opinions about the topics. Inspire each other, exchange knowledge.

If you have some skills in cyber security already and seek an inspiration or way to share and meet others, this is your group. Also, if you are in data analysis, social sciences, linguistics, statistic and probabilistic modelling, ML/AI, you might find this group beneficial for you.

We don't charge you for a membership, attendance to an event or so.
We don't have a marketing purpose, this is a study group. Should it make sense to our guests and members, it is possible to promote a company, brand or product. But only to learn new useful skills, get different point of view or exchange an experience.

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