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Tucked away in Fort Richmond, this riverside park sports one of the best kept walking paths in the city. A wide asphalt trail, meticulously cleared of snow in the winter, follows the banks of the Red through river bottom forest. Along the way you catch a glimpse of open meadows, waterfalls, wild flower gardens and a pond. University of Manitoba students make heavy use of this park, so expect to meet lots of joggers and cyclists.

some interesting facts -King’s Park was unique during the 1997 spring flood in that it was one of the few civic green spaces to be purposely flooded in order to save the surrounding neighbourhood. A dike was constructed just inside the north border of the park by heavy construction equipment which removed earth and clay from the bermed area near the waterfall. After all usable clay was removed from the park, clean fill was trucked in. This resulted in a protective dike that was wider than 20 feet at the base and over 12 feet tall near the river. When the flood waters reached their peak, King’s Park was flooded flush with the main entrance gate off King’s Drive. It appeared as if the river had swallowed the park whole, with water depths ranging from one to over fifteen feet.
It took a long time for the park to recover. Much replanting needed to be done. The new dike was landscaped and incorporated into the park, and the pit where clay was “borrowed” was developed into a feature. These changes serve as a reminder of the great power of the Red River to reshape its surroundings.

some history -The neighbourhood around King’s Park wasn’t developed until 1945. One of its best known residents was Dr. E.J. Washington, who owned a good deal of property in the area. In fact the King’s Park land was once called Washington Peninsula. There is a story fondly remembered, that when the doctor allowed a portion of this land to be worked by a market gardener, he insisted that a beautiful old elm tree be left unharmed. That elm stands to this day, just a few feet off King’s Drive on the right hand side of the park entrance roadway and is recognized as a heritage tree.

NOTE - All winter walks may be subject to cancellation due to high windchill factors or other extreme weather conditions. Please check back at this site on the morning of the event.


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