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”In this body you were born, and in this body you will die"
Whether you like or not, you will live with this body for all your life. So, make it the best possible vehicle in your “life journey” and not a limitation for you!

Anything you do in life will have consequences: positive or negative, big or small, but always will impact you.
And there are 3 things you cannot avoid to do: eating, sleeping, breathing.
You can do them in a good way and improve yourself and your life, or do them badly and let them deteriorate your life.

In today’s culture there is lots of attention about eating and some attention to sleeping... but what about breathing?

Why do we need to bring our attention to the breath?
Do you know how many problems you can manage by managing your breathing?

The breath serves as a bridge between body, mind and spirit.

On the physical level, breath is the life force that sustains the operation of every cell. So improving your breathing will improve all the daily functions of your body, both voluntary and involuntary ones.
On the mental and spiritual level, breath is the vehicle of prana, the universal primal energy that forms and modifies mind, soul and everything exists.

Breath is also a gateway between life and death. You enter this life on an inhalation, you leave it on an exhalation. And in between, you are never far away from the oscillation between those two—no matter how far and wide your mind may roam and push you to ignore it.

Pranayama: the breath of life

Pranayama is like fire. Its essence is a transformation of the highest order. But if misused, it can compromise and deteriorate anything it touches. That is why it's very important to understand the principles behind it and how to practice it correctly.

Why you should attend this workshop

I will just say: You should because you breathe! Since breathing wrongly creates real problems to your health, anyone should come to reap the benefits of pranayama breathing principles.

As a yoga teacher it is even more important because it is your responsibility to know the pranayama breathing principles to avoid creating unbalance in your students during practice.

Why this workshop is so special

I had the luck and privilege to attend a 200 hours advanced training with two of the greatest exponents of Pranayama alive, Sri O.P. Tiwariji and Paul Dallaghan

In this workshop you will learn

1) Evolution of Pranayama

2) What the Kriyas are and how to practice some of them
They are a preparation for Pranayama practice and they can also be used independently as efficient techniques to clean and regulate our respiratory and digestive system, (bowel movements included!):
- Nauli (and Pre-Naui)
- Agni sara
- Kapalabhati (which actually it’s a mix between Kriya and Pranayama)

3) Pranayama Preparatory exercises
- Simaha Mudra
- Jivha Bandha
- Brahma Mudra
- Regulation of Breath

4) Pranayama techniques
- Ujjayi Breath
- Anuloma Viloma /Nadi Shodhana (Surya Bhedana & Candra Bhedana)
- Sitali and Sitkari
- Bhramamari
- Bastrika – (with Internal and External retention)

5) Technical terms used in sacred tests
- Yoga Sutra and Hata yoga Predipika

6) Scientific studies/research
- Lymphatic system & pranayama
- Blood system & pranayama (Hyperventilation problem and different levels of breath)

7) Effects of different Pranayamas on body and mind

8) Keys of Pranayama practice and common mistakes to avoid

9) Practical Pranayama practice details & suggestions
- Before practice
- How to use hands
- How to count

10) How to put the exercises in sequence

11) How to Integrate pranayama in asana practice

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