Full Moon Meditation and interactive lecture

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Full Moon Meditation and interactive lecture.

On the day of the month when the moon reflects the sun with a lot of power, we'll use this high energy to elevate our frequency and be filled with loving energy together. We will also have an interactive lecture to increase our awareness and light within us.

You'll be warmly welcome at Sapoorna Yoga Studio by the team of Pranic Healers in Brussels.

We kindly ask for a contribution of 10€ for admission. With deep gratitude,

Pranic Healing Therapists in Brussels

PS 1 Do you know the Meditation on Twin Hearts?

The Meditation on Twin Hearts leads to an open heart and a calm and peaceful state of mind. It is also an opportunity to experience illumination with regular practice of this simple and powerful meditation.

No previous experience with meditation is required to benefit from the technique. Developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, this guided meditation activates two energy centers: the heart chakra and the crown chakra.

PS 2 Do you know Pranic Healing? (https://www.pranichealingbelgium.com/pranic-healing)

Based on two laws: 1 - The law of self healing 2 - The law of vital energy Pranic Healing in a no-touching energy healing that uses prana, or life energy, to heal the energy body, thus, the physical body. It can also be applied for emotional issues. All this is presented in a very objective, simple, direct way that everybody can learn.