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Urgency: Extremely High.

This fellowship was intended to begin at a specific point of leadership training but there are over 3,000 people sleeping in the freezing streets of Atlanta. We have the strategy and power to give them relief and obey Christ’s Trilogy of Pleas. Three times he prayed that we would feed His sheep. The power to say “yes” to Him is our greatest weapon in this moment growing exponentially darker. We will each find our own humanity and wholeness in the prepared place of obedience. This will be an aspect of our Atlanta gathering. If you are interested in helping the poor or exploring the awakening currently being recognized by many, you should join this group.

If we are to call Him Lord, we can not overlook this opportunity because we know that real men, women, and potentially children, will die of starvation, hypothermia and despair if we wait. Every person and organization who cares for the hurting is welcome to merge into this effort. There is room for everyone who is genuinely looking to serve Him and/or help them. We are a group of scholars who train teachers and produce educational materials We invite you to help us discover the most effective ways to obey the principles of Christ and transform the world.

Our first meetings to plan and embark on the PrayActive Pizza Parade will begin as soon as there is a catalyst. If you will help with social media, arranging travel, meeting space, etc., please text the word LOGISTICS to 702-769-3113 and we will ask you some questions and arrange a talk. We have several jobs for those who resonate strongly enough to take a provisional leadership role.

There was no pulpit in the early church for a long time and there will be none here. There will be mission control, educational, developmental and other tools by which to research the truth, discover your calling and grow into the family and team where you truly belong. This is a system of leaders where each is certified to guide modules of study, prayer and mission development so that the flow of ministry goes out to the world.

If this resonates with you so far, then gather the people you love and let’s meet and begin to study, pray and build this mission together. We are looking for people ready to enter a situation room and guide an actual mission where lives are saved. The homelessness effort is just the start. We are drawn to the pain of others as we connect more to heaven. There will be 36 services each week for those of you hungry to teach Gods word. You’ll be surrounded by supportive people to make you even better than we hope you are. We need the best communicators to reach the most people and glorify heaven. Pray that the Lord will guide you and that He will send laborers into this amazing harvest.

This fellowship will be led by 4 coequals with specific complimentary function while each of them also manage either the North, South, East or West. They will each spend 3 hours a day growing closer to God and discipling others and another 3 or more hours in their assigned function. More details as the process unfolds…

This church will be a learning laboratory and example of how to interact with the PrayActive Experiment. Every person who is called will be taken seriously and everyone is called. Once you see how these modules work you’ll be fascinated at how simple solving major issues can be. We will begin by using a matter than is urgent in our world and city, means a great deal to our Lord and will reveal whether or not our work is ready for this phase. Thank you so much for your time. Please pray and ask that God guide us all in this season of sifting and gathering.

I want to introduce you to some of the people I have met while scouting locations for the documentary and recruiting leaders.

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