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Precious Wisdom Alchemy - Healing System
~ PRECIOUS WISDOM ALCHEMY CERTIFIED HEALING WORKSHOPS ~ “I could feel the power of this healing energy and a beautiful golden warmth surging through me especially when the symbols were activated by the sounds Alexandra was given. A special technique coming through to help prepare us for the new Golden Age.” ~ Diana Cooper, international bestselling author, angel and self-help expert LEVEL 1 : INITIATE LEVEL (INTRODUCTORY LEVEL WORKSHOP) 3 DAYS ~ 8th, 9th, 10th Dec, 2018 London Victoria £333 (ONLY 6 PLACES AVAILABLE ~ PLEASE EMAIL [masked] TO CONFIRM YOUR PLACE BEFORE PAYING THE DEPOSIT) ABOUT THIS WORKSHOP: ~ Three incredible days of healing, empowerment and exploring your Divine blueprint ~ You will experience… ancient wisdom, patterns of creation, sacred symbols, universal golden energy, angels, guides, multidimensional reality, levels of consciousness, your stellar origins and how to place yourself at the centre of your universe to manifest your dreams and desires, and heal and empower yourself. Precious Wisdom™ is the golden thread that runs through all of life and connects every religion and spiritual teaching throughout history. It is the essence of unconditional love and it is what we are built on. ~ This workshop is a journey to your true essence and nature. Your life will never be the same again ~ WHAT IS PRECIOUS WISDOM™ HEALING ALCHEMY? Precious Wisdom™ awakens you to true empowerment through ‘spiritual alchemy’. This healing system has been channelled by Alexandra Wenman with Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek and the councils of light since 2012, and uses universal golden energy and ancient symbols to align you with your Divine self and help you rapidly step into your power. This workshop is especially recommended to assist starseeds and lightworkers in stepping into their power and achieving their soul mission in this lifetime. HOW DOES PRECIOUS WISDOM WORK AS A HEALING TECHNIQUE? PRECIOUS WISDOM™ ~ This beautiful and powerful hands-on healing technique harnesses Divine golden universal energy through an attunement to ancient and sacred symbols. It was channelled by Alexandra Wenman in early 2012 through Archangel Metatron and Lord Melchizedek… This is a channelled self-help / healing system, which attunes you to 8 ancient and powerful symbols to increase your self-awareness, improve your outlook on life and help you rapidly step into your own power. Like Reiki, the treatment is done with the client lying on a therapy couch or sitting in a chair and the energy is delivered via the healer gently placing their hands on or over the client. BOOK HERE TO SECURE YOUR PLACE… A non-refundable deposit of £111 will secure your place on this workshop. The remaining balance is due in full on the first morning of the workshop. Testimonials: “One word for last three days – wow! So magical, true ancient empowerment. So much love and gratitude for channelling this kick-ass Precious Wisdom.” AR, London “What an amazing privilege to be the channel bringing through this invaluable and evolutionary information. Precious Wisdom is an extremely effective and magnificent healing modality.” SC, London “Precious Wisdom. What can I say…..the name says it all! When I heard about this course, I was curious and came along with an open heart and mind.‘Precious Wisdom’ was delivered by a truly precious lady. You are an Earth Angel in every respect of the definition. Your knowledge answered many questions that I did not know I had until I met you. The attunements left me in a state of sheer bliss since the course began and I thank you for this. ” MB, London “It is not often that you meet healers who work purely out of unconditional love or from the heart! I am so grateful to have Alexandra in my life. Her connection to Spirit and the angels is second to none and she works purely from her beautiful heart.” SG, London

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