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Moving back to Ashland, a lot shifted for me very quickly in a very short amount of time - the biggest change is my unplanned pregnancy. Though unplanned, I am embracing it fully and really would love to meet some other mamas to be. I couldn’t find any pregnancy groups in here in Ashland, so I thought why not create a group that has everything I’m looking for? Pregnancy education, discussion, support; yoga, pre-natal yoga, health & wellbeing during pregnancy; and art! Projects, crafts, art, sewing - any kind of creative expression to invite into Pregnancy - as well as just to create a more vibrant life!

I was thinking each week or every other week we could focus on a topic, rotating through, creative projects, pre-natal yoga/meditation, Pregnancy education/books, and maybe just tea and talking every now and then.

I am a yoga teacher, aspiring art/music maker, a certified wellness coach and graphic designer. So, I can offer a certain amount of guidance in these areas, but I also love to learn! And would be so happy to have interested mama’s bring their interests and desires to the group! For example: I really would love to learn how to sew (both adult & baby clothes) learn more about herbalism & plants, astrology and writing/literature. Any area of interest is welcome!

I’d like this group to, yes, explore the miraculous, wild journey of pregnancy, but also support, encourage and inspire us to get in touch with our inspiration and desires; what moves us to feel deliriously happy and excited to wake up every day. I’ve been in quite a rut for a few years and would LOVE to continue to invite this kind of inspiration into my life. That is not to say we can’t explore the difficulties and fears of pregnancy/parenthood or the immense changes our bodies are and will undergo, because that is part of the excruciating beauty of being alive and being a woman.

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