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Welcome LifeLovers,

Marriage is a social and legal binding. Can you afford to take wrong decision?

Let us come together and share knowledge, experience and wisdom.

The objective of this meetup group is to reinstate the faith of modern youth (both men and women) in our ancient Indian great institution of marriage. Premarital Education can play a vital role to foresee the RED-LIGHTS before jumping (or forced or pushed) in.
Why Premarital Education?
With fast pace or rat-race of career, technology and internet, marital relationships have taken backseat in our priority list.
Smallest unit of society is family which only a man and woman can make beautiful where the effervescence of happiness is oozing out continuously.
In the recent times, we have observed a severe discord in the marital relationship. Today’s youth finds it difficult to commit to the institution of marriage. The result is increasing number of separation and legal divorces which clearly indicates societal disintegration.
Alas! That even higher education, worldly exposure and development of mental faculties didn’t play the pivotal role to reinstate the faith of the new generation, rather many a times they become hardest obstacle.
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We have observed all the key elements of marital relationship critically and grouped them into 7 important categories as follows:
1. Essence Of Marital Relationship
2. Essential Wellbeing
3. Modern Era Expectations
4. Psychological Understanding Of Future Spouse
5. Pitfalls Of Ignorance
6. Evils Of The Relationship
7. Planning For Future Goals
Who can join:
-- Unmarried, Divorcee, Separated, Widow, Singles, Single Parents
-- If you know someone in the above category and want to help them. Be Blissful (http://streamlinez.in/ws.html)

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