What we're about

Anyone thinking about or scheduled for major surgery.

I have am interested in helping patients through their surgical journey. Basically, can I help prepare or “train” patients (you) for their surgery in order to improve their surgical outcomes?

This is what I propose:

We get together and I can lay out what to expect on the day of surgery.

I will help you identify what your “goals” are such as, have a knee replaced or tumor removed, but also, start walking or running again and who your support system is.

Also important, I will help you identify any areas that might improve surgical outcomes if you were to make small behavioral changes.

Some specific areas we can investigate together:
Nutrition, Frailty, OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), opioid risk, Tobacco Cessation.

I will provide a list of things to take to the hospital and what to have at home.

What I ask of you: show up and be interested in impacting your surgical outcome and bring a quarter for my time.

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