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This is a group for women who are on a spiritual journey, are committed to their personal growth and development, and are seeking support for lasting results and positive change. This is for you if you want to bring a more positive impact to your relationships, careers, communities and to the world. If you want to be part of a new generation of women who are gathering to honor our feminine power, wisdom and sensitivity and feel the call to fully awaken and express our feminine gifts then join us.

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Global Sisterhood--Redefining Beauty: My Body, My Rules

Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio

Saturday, May 4th is the Global Sisterhood gathering where we will explore the New Moon in Taurus theme: Redefining Beauty--My Body, My Rules. This month you are invited to participate in a Body Image Healing and a Redefining Beauty exercise. And as always, the unifying thread in every Global Sisterhood Circle is a specific 10-minute Heart Meditation followed by a monthly Theme Visualization. This connects all the women around the world on an energetic level and together shifts the collective consciousness. Join us as we envision every woman feeling comfortable and healthy within her body, trusting her body's intuition, and allowing her inner beauty to shine... and Imagine all women of the world freeing themselves from self-judgment, loving, and respecting their bodies... and Envision every woman glowing in radiant health, thinking positively about her body's ability to heal, and feeling empowered in her relationship to her body. If you have not experienced a Global Sisterhood New Moon gathering, then I want to let you know that the Global Sisterhood is a community of heart-centered women who want to make a difference in the world and are choosing to create connection, support, acceptance, and unity. Each new moon cycle we gather in circle to explore a new potent theme to reflect on, gain insight about, and integrate those insights into our lives. This sacred space is a safe place to delve into the theme of the month together, so we can collectively learn and evolve together. The purpose of my circle is to build a community of women who are truly there for each other, not just paying lip service to the concept, but truly “have each other’s backs”. We come together to connect authentically and deeply with one another. Please consider joining us in this powerful global movement to set and amplify our intentions to Free the Feminine and uplift our planet. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 4th. We will meet from 6 - 8 p.m. at Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio, 777 W. Hillside Ave., Prescott, AZ 86301 Please bring an open mind, an open heart, a journal, pen and water. Love Donations appreciated to cover the cost of the room rental. RSVP to [masked] or c/t Maryann at[masked]

Art of Feminine Presence--Activate Your Heart's Desire

Lotus Bloom Yoga Studio

Are you a woman who: Is continually triggered by loved ones, business associates/co-workers, or friends and thrown off center, causing you to give you power away, again and again? Has always put the needs of others before your own, taking care of family and others around you to the point you no longer know what YOU truly want? Has your own business but are not making the money you want and deserve? Is single and don’t want to be? Is in a committed relationship and your partner feels more like a roommate than a lover? THEN join us to learn and experience how to: Be truly Seen, Heard, and Appreciated on a deep level so you get your needs met in all your relationships Experience how to manage your energy so you are responding in the moment from a place of love instead of reacting—reducing conflicts and having deep, meaningful connections Have strong, healthy boundaries while keeping your heart open and not taking on other people’s ‘stuff’ Still your mind chatter and discover what you TRULY want, NOT what your head says you ‘should’ want or what others expect, but what you Truly Desire. This work is all about Mastering the Use of your Energy so you are fully present in the moment; reducing your stress, anxiety and burnout; and NEVER Settling for Less than you Desire and Deserve ever again, either personally or professionally. There are a lot of women’s groups and workshops that offer support for women through talking about the importance of the feminine principle and women’s issues and often gather to do goddess work. These are great, but that’s NOT this. With the Art of Feminine Presence® work, you’ll learn specific tangible practices that help you be seen and heard and inspire change in everyone around you. You will be able to say what you need and want and have it received in a way that gets your needs met in ALL your relationships. You discover what your soul is really calling you to, AND then be able to have the Authentic Confidence to DO IT! IF you are a woman who ☼has been on a spiritual journey ☼is committed to your personal growth and development ☼is seeking support for lasting results and positive change ☼wants to be seen, heard, honored and more respected… Then join us Saturday, May 18th, March 17th from 1:30 to 4 p.m. and experience this powerful work. Women have remarked time and time again that their lives change almost immediately when they apply the practices that they learn in this class. One woman had a huge ‘ah-ha’ in this class and her relationship with your intimate partner and her family shifted the next day. Another woman shared with me that she got clarity around something in her personal life where she had been “stuck” for months! And another woman told me that in practicing what she had learned she was approaching her life differently and accomplishing more each day because she had a way to access her clarity. If making a more positive impact in your relationships, career, communities and your world appeals to you, then register now by emailing [masked] or c/t[masked]. DON’T Leave the Planet with the Music Still IN YOU! Fee: $25 payable here: paypal.me/mahesse OR bring a cherished girlfriend and both attend for FREE! Please bring an open mind, an open heart, and a journal, pen and water. Maryann Hesse is a Licensed Art of Feminine Presence® Advanced Mentor who is passionate about teaching women how to access and embody their feminine essence in a way that allows them to manage their energy so they don’t burnout. Women who work with her discover their True Heart’s Desire so they never settle for less than they deserve—personally or professionally. Her work will change your life and the ripple effect will change the world!

The Transformation Game

Needs a location

The Transformation Game IS a board game and much more. Our minds stay connected to the playfulness and joy of life as we explore deep issues within our lives. It will affirm your path and increase your confidence, clarity, and commitment to be the best possible expression of your true self. Birthed in the Findhorn Foundation in Northern Scotland over 30 years ago this game’s process is now played throughout the world. Participants bring their intention and desire to this facilitated experience that reflects with incredible accuracy what you need to see about your life, yourself, and your desired direction. This game provides a safe bridge between current reality, dreams, and the potential to live those dreams in the world. Life is filled with transitions—some natural, some unexpected, some forced, some hoped for. We can choose to pass through these transitions unconsciously—surviving as best we can—OR we can explore them as doorways to a better, more joyous version of ourselves. For more information about the Transformation Game go to: http://www.transformationsedona.com/ Nancy Jones, Certified Facilitator of The Transformation Game will facilitate Only 3 spots remaining so Register NOW by calling/texting Maryann Hesse at[masked] or email her: [masked]

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Global Sisterhood--I am Enough. I claim my Worth

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