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Welcome to the Prescott-ebayers group!

This group is for anyone that wants to learn about using ebay.

Never used ebay, but want to give it a try? Join this group and learn the basics.

Are you already an "established" ebayer? Meet with others to share advanced techniques and tricks.

Sign up and join the ebayers group, and meet some other local ebayers!!!

Email me with any questions. Kevin PrescottebayGroup@gmail.com


Perhaps you are looking for someone to sell something for you on ebay? This is the place to connect with them.


The main focus of this group is to share ebaying techniques and/or putting you in touch with others for ebay related discussions.


Ebay is an evolving business and the rules and practices that are useful today may be outdated tomorrow.


Some of the subjects discussed at our events include:

Best shipping practices. Printing labels, postage, and shipping from home.

Sniping items. Snipe to buy it for yourself...or to resell for profit.

Promoting your ebay listings outside of ebay.

Using Craigslist to sell your items locally (while avoiding spam at the same time).

How to take good photos for your listings, as large and as many as you need, and avoiding photo charges from ebay.

Picking best time of day, day of week, and day of year to list items. And when to avoid listing.

Pricing your items...finding out what it is worth.

Drop shipping: Pros and Cons

Use ebays description editor? Or one of your own!

Finding bargains. Is it possible?


It's pretty simple, we can get together and share ebaying ideas. We currently use a room in the library to meet.

For those who are already really good at using ebay, this is a chance to teach some of your "secrets" to others, and even if you are already good at using ebay, you will still pick up a trick or two!

If members wish to offer other members personalized instruction, and/or advertise their own ebay services on this meetup group website, that is OK, and you can also mention it on your profile or on the discussion boards. If you already have an ebay related business, you may join this group and tell us about it.

As a member of this group, you can be in touch with other people that also use ebay.

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Ebay Class... Prescott Valley Library

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Ebay Class... Prescott Valley Library

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