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For truth seekers. Here you will discover the 5th revelation of the truth to this planet, Urantia. The 4th being the life of Jesus Christ; the third, Melchisidek, "The Lord of Abraham", the seconc revelation, Adam and Eve, and the fist, the teachings of Calagastia. As Jesus himself said, "the truth will set you free" and it certainly has set me free, spiritually speakng. Once you disciover the real (non man-made) truths, you will know what is true and what is not, or badly twisted. The book is so beautifully written and the subject matter so broad one can hardly put it down. This is NOT a religion, but a reference to spiritual, and also worldy events you may have often wondered about. Pleae let me know if this would be of interest to you and your spiritual quest. Kenneh L. Kisner

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