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Present Company is about bringing small-business people together who are committed to awakening, and supporting each other in that endeavor.

Bringing more presence and a deeper level of awareness to the work we do is the most effective way to increase the viability of our business offerings in the long run.

Going on retreats, and participating in some form of regular practice, is a great way of developing these qualities and has been part of my journey for years. Bringing that stillness back into the day-to-day, however, can often be a challenge.

For me, what finally helped create a bridge between the two came from practicing presence together in retreats doing “ordinary” activities, such as, creating group meals, working on the land or creating a structure together.

Creating a collaborative meal as a group is particularly well suited to the practice of three essential elements; showing up, truly giving of oneself, and opening to receiving.

Present Company is about developing these capacities, and bringing the benefits of our practice together to our work. “The Art of the Feast” is my latest offering toward that end. The meals we create will range from an outdoor mud-oven pizza cookout, to elegant dinners or a Sunday brunch. The costs we’ll share will vary depending on the complexity of the event set-up and the cost of ingredients.

For more information about this particular offering, please visit our website at http://www.highlandlakecove.com/the-art-of-the-feast/about-the-series

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