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Curious about how mindfulness could help you? I was too because I was stressed, stretched & struggling as I faced the daily grind of commuting and delivering to an ever higher standard within oil trading.

Mindfulness empowered me to initiate change in my own life that impacted significantly on the quality of my daily life. This inspired me to become a Breathworks Mindfulness Teacher whilst I continued to work in a busy environment. I now also teach Present Mind Insight designed courses on the basis of feedback given.

The Breathworks Mindfulness Courses are suitable for anyone experiencing stress associated with work, relationships, loss and other factors outside their control and also for those who want to learn strategies to deal with the general complexity and pace of modern life. The Breathworks approach blends the latest research in neuroscience with a mix of both formal and informal mindfulness practices which you can bring into the midst of your day. Mindfulness helps us live with a sense of possibility and choice rather than existing on ‘autopilot’ – being driven by familiar but often unhelpful habits. By developing a new relationship with the conditions that we find ourselves in, we begin to respond creatively. Experiences don't overwhelm us and we can remain steady through life's ups and downs.

To contact me by email: presentmindinsights@outlook.com

In 2018, we offer:

* Mindfulness Monthly Drop Ins (PMI) - 2 hour sessions @ £5.00 per session

* Mindfulness short 4 week courses:

- Level 1 Mindful Awareness @ £120

- Level 2 Mindful Living @ £120

- Level 3 Mindful Journey @ £120

* Breathworks - Mindfulness for Health, 8 week fully comprehensive course for those dealing with chronic pain @ £200 (please ask about concessionary prices if you are low waged or unwaged)

* Breathworks - Mindfulness for Stress, 8 week fully comprehensive course for those dealing with chronic stress @ £200

* Taster Sessions for Breathworks courses - 2 hour sessions @ £7.00 per session

If you are Low Waged or Unwaged, do ask me about concessionary prices.

Location: all courses are held at the Wellspring Church Centre in Watford:


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Contact me by email: Email - presentmindinsights@outlook.com

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