What we're about

Florida’s best hackathon for API-curious developers and programmers from all walks of life.
What is PrestoAPI?

PrestoAPI is a REST API middleware platform that generates customizable APIs from back-end data sources. This means you can create unlimited APIs with custom endpoints for your projects from top databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL without the need for back-end development.

What We Do

PerstoAPI's mission is to create better software in less time. We have created this tool for all front-end developers and other programmers who want to get on with building without timely and costly back-end setup

Who should participate?

Presto Hackathon is open to all developers and programmers who need to use APIs for their projects or are curious about the possibilities of customizable APIs. No matter if you are an experienced coder or just starting out, Presto Hackathon is an inclusive place for all who love technology. We also welcome non-developers to join the teams in supporting roles and learn in real-time.

What can I build?

Anything! We give you the tool, you change the world (or just have fun!) We welcome social responsibility project, commercial projects, or eccentric projects — it is all up to you, so go all out! Web apps, mobile apps, hardware hacks, or open-source tools are all fair game. The only requirement is to use easy-build PrestoAPI platform in your build. Oh, and you need to finish your demo in 10 hours or less.

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