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Learn how to buy pretty houses in the Twin Cities using creative financing strategies from experienced local Real Estate Investors. We’ll be showing real examples of pretty house deals done in the Twin Cities Market. This FREE meetup is for Real Estate training, education and networking. Each meet-up will focus on different aspects of the pretty house business (buying, selling, marketing, how to structure deals, contracts, etc.) All Meetings are FREE. You'll learn tons just by participating.

Buying pretty houses is the smartest way to make money in real estate because it allows the investor to give the seller what they want (a great price) and still make profit on the deal. There is no wholesaling, no rehabbing, no bird-dogging. In the pretty house business we buy nice homes in nice neighborhoods by giving sellers what they want most (market value for their home), and we do it without using any of our own money or leveraging our credit. How do we do that?...we buy with TERMS. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well in this group you’ll see how those of us investors that claim to buy houses for FULL PRICE are actually doing it while making a killer profit AND creating monthly passive income in the process.

This group is for both beginner or experienced investors and wholesalers who:

• Want to learn how to give the seller what they really want (full market value) and still make money on the deal
• Are tired of getting cash offers (i.e. 70-80% of market value minus cost of repairs) rejected by sellers
• Are tired of making lowball offers to sellers
• Want to give their sellers a better offer instead of only offering a typical low cash offer
• Are looking to build a passive residual monthly income stream
• Are looking to replace their J.O.B. income (or just get out of the grind of chasing the next deal)
• Want to network with other local 'Pretty House' Real Estate Investors in an effort to do more deals together.

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