What we're about

This is a London based meetup for those who would like to meet others interested in deep connection, sexual exploration and healing through energy or 'vibes'. This is not a singles group and couples are welcomed.

This group is for open minded individuals who seek relationship experiences outside of societies conditioning, such as those through organised religious groups.

It's all about going back and rediscovering our Primal Instincts

6am Dance raves, workshops and general meets are all on the cards for this group.

We will focus on how to create a deeper connection in your relationships using mindfulness and various other techniques. How to release ego in order to have healthier relationships as well as creating self awareness so that you can better express your needs.

We follow the sex positive movement, which believes in consentual love and respect.

RULES OF THE GROUP: * Please do not contact people you have not met. This is not a dating group.
* Please respect people at all times.
1. We ban anyone that speaks to members sexually.
2. We ban anyone that touches another member without consent.
* Please make an effort to attend the meetups you sign up for, it is disrespectful not to.
* Please be open, and honest with all members regarding your current life situation (married, divorce, kids, intention with connection)
3. Please do not email me to ask questions about the group. Come along to a meetup and find out. All of the details are there.
- No experience, classes or knowledge required; just a desire to connect
- No age restrictions; we focus on matching energies
- All genders and identities welcomed and supported
- No requirement for spiritual belief; all views are to be respected

The only requirement is that you intend to form intimate connections and friendships with attendees.

BDSM defined: Sexual exploration using mental and physical restraints and releases to increase adrendine and connection.

BDSM has a stimga attached to it which is completely wrong. BDSM to me is a type of spirtual ritual for releasing emotion and gaining connection with your partner for growth.

The sound of the whip, the smell of your partner, the colour of your latex, the sensation of bondage - this is all trantric. It's all a release of energy. When you focus on the energy the experience is heightened and results in a more intense sub/Top

Tantra defined: A deep energetic connection. Some call it chemistry, but it is far more than that. It's a set of rituals which create a loving and peaceful exchange between people.

Futuristic Relationships defined: Loving supporting relationships which are best designed around your life needs, not of the expecations of friends and family. This may involve open relationships, same gender relationships, or just a simple desire to fulfill your sexual needs at a deeper level with your partner with a taboo approach, rather than just missionary.

For me I see a key element of Futuristic relationships being no longer based on the need of gender roles and materialist gain from a relationship, but with a focus on only being in relationships which enrich your soul and life experiences.

Energy explained in simple terms:

I love hugs! But not just any hug. I like the type of hug that presses our whole bodies together and as we hold each other firmly, we breath deeply and relax into the hug. The best hugs last for as many deep synchronized breaths until you both feel jelly like! With the right energy, 3 is a perfect number.

I attended the sex positive event, Summerhouse, and these types of hugs were given freely. The following week, I hosted a charity social for 150 singles when I returned to London and warned them that I was a hugging monster in a pre-email. The types of hugs I received varied sooooo much. Many gave me the heebie geebies! But others just made my body melt.

This same theory can be applied in our romantic life and help in the quest to finding the right partner, or partners.

This is one example of how energy is transferred between people.

About this group

I have a vision for this group to not only be a place to advertise our munches, but to help others in London connect, share and explore.

About our events

I feel that there is a huge lack of connection on meetup. It's so hard to make real, deep friendships with people. I would like these meetups to offer something different... A level of warmth and compassion.

I plan to do some tantra led group activities such as hand holding and eye gazing. But mostly they will be just meet and greets. There is potential for classes and more structured events in the future.

I would like to build a team of support who will wear a badge and make others comfortable at the event.

About me

I feel passionate about being the vessel the universe uses to connect others.

I have organised over 600 'vanilla' events and warmly greeted over 10,000 people at my events.

I am a reiki master and experienced a kundalini awakening and recently a rising. I did not need to fast or spend 40 days in desert to achieve this level of connection with energy. All I did was surrender to the concept of it; it's that easy.

I'm also sporty, crafty and enjoy good food, wine and quirky pop up experiences.

Having used my experiences to overcome PTSD and extreme intimacy issues; I have explored how tantra & BDSM can help people confront their own ego issues. I have helped many people find their feet or inspire grounding and have been nominated the UK's Dating and Relationship Expert of the Year. But mostly I'm just having wayyyyy to much fun :) Hope you will join me!

I'm currently experiencing a period of deep contentment and love with my partner, who I met through meetup. I am practising all that preach; sometimes with success and sometimes with trail and error :)

"I'm just a woman on a journey. A journey of pleasure for purpose." - SiduriGoddess

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