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Welcome to Prime Time - a forever free / no-sales-pitch series of Real Estate Forums / Expert Panels conceived with the investor in mind. Prime Time is in the tradition of an Academy where members of the public are welcome to introduce topics that matter to them to a panel of experts with real-world experience in those areas.

Interested in taking your Real Estate Investment game to the next level? Exploring smarter ways to buy, flip, build, develop or wholesale investment Real Estate in the Greater Puget Sound area? Striving to grow a balanced portfolio of performing Real Estate in Washington or in other regions around the country? Seeking to diversify your capital/retirement funds to work in a more intentional way?

We launched our Real Estate workshops for one simple reason - because we wished that we had a resource like this when we were starting out as Real Estate investors, a place to ask questions and learn from successful local investors, who would be willing to share without hesitation and without a sales pitch.

In our Question + Answer Forums, we go into many subjects of Real Estate Investing including advanced strategies and tips that are only learned through experience. We tackle any subject that attendees throw at us from Passive Strategies like approaches and expectations in deploying retirement funds (IRA) or strategies on building a more balanced portfolio secured by Real Estate to Active Strategies like going through analysis of a complex multi-site mixed-use multi-phase development project.

At this time you may be asking, who are we? We are... Dima Suslikov and James Doerfel of Prime Meridian Capital ( http://www.pm.capital ) and Prime Realty ( http://www.primerealty.io ) and we are always happy to share our extensive experience running brokerages, flipping hundreds of single family homes, doing dozens of ground up developments, assigning hundreds of contracts, and growing hedge fund grade rental portfolios up and down the I-5 corridor.

Together, through a lot trials and errors, we have come to adopt a Portfolio-based approach. This means balancing our Risk, Return, and Time. We talk about this approach frequently - as it's something everybody needs to keep in mind. All of our discussions and workshops are really based around the THREE basic strategies in Real Estate, which are :

• Capital Preservation Strategies - We describe this approach as deploying your investment capital into lower risk strategies with virtually no active involvement and expectation of lower returns. This is the most passive approach with example investment vehicles being Real Estate secured debt (performing notes or Private Lending opportunities) or placing capital into a Real Estate fund with preferred returns.

• Capital Accumulation Strategies - We describe this approach as allocating your investment capital to balanced risk strategies that requires some active involvement but where you may expect medium returns. This includes investment vehicles like rental properties, BRRRR strategies, creative financing (on both acquisition and sale) - where you mainly focus on having a monthly check with upside of equity / appreciation over time.

• Capital Acceleration Strategies - We describe this approach as deploying your investment into higher risk strategies where you are actively involved with expectation of higher returns. Example investment vehicles include Flipping and New Construction. This strategy is where most people tend to put most if not all of their money. This is the riskiest of the strategies but also has upside of great returns.

Besides us sharing our experience, we frequently have other experts join us in other fields including attorneys, financial planners, commercial and residential lenders, real estate agents, contractors, etc.

Join us and bring your questions on the upcoming meetups!

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