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Primitive Trapping
This class will teach the application and theory of primitive trapping. We will focus on survival trapping for food, tools, and shelter. After taking this class you can expect to have the skills necessary to make and set, effective traps and snares, anywhere in the temperate world. This is not a "figure 4" trapping class. In our opinion the "figure 4" is "not" an effective trap. It is an unstable, and difficult to set trap. We will teach traps and snares that are easy to set, stable while maintaining sensitivity, and effective. Only naturally occurring resources will be used in the production of the traps and snares presented.
There is more misinformation presented on primitive trapping then on any other primitive skill. I see the same non functioning traps, replicated time and time again, on the internet, and in print material.
The traps presented in this class have been developed and tested to be effective, in a variety of conditions, for extended periods of time. All the traps and snares, taught in this class, are proprietary. Some of the traps and snares taught in this class:
Spring Pole Bird Snare
Walk Trough Trail Snare
Spring Assisted Dead Fall
Small Mammal Tube Trap
Deer Snare

I enjoy teaching this class more than others, because of the difficulty of the subject, and the benefit of learning this valuable skill. One should bring to the class:
A sturdy fixed blade knife
A pair of leather gloves
You may want to bring a small notebook and pen November 18th & 19th , 2017
Primitive Trapping

To learn more about taking classes go to: QUESTIONS at http://www.primitive-skills.com/Primitive-Trapping.html

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