Princeton Tech Meetup #37 w/Lex Friedman - "Learning From Apple’s Mistakes."

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6:45 - Arrival - Snacks, Pizza and Networking.

7:15 - Introduction / Announcements by the organizers.

7:20 - 7:30 Start Demo / Pitches (ONE MINUTE each)

Demo 1 - Travis Kahn, Industry Networks

Demo 2 - Roy LaManna, Vydia

Demo 3 - Apply to present (

7:30 - Lex Friedman, "Learning From Apple's Mistakes"

8:30 - Open-mic to quickly promote your business or broadcast a need that someone in the group might be able to fill.

8:45 - Wrap-Up, discussion of Meetup, feedback and opportunities for improvement or future topics.

8:55 - End of formal part of meeting.

9:00 - Exit Venue and head to After Hours Party - Location: TBA

About the Topic: Apple is clearly a company that knows what it’s doing. The company’s startling run of success is a testament to that. But as a company run by humans, even Apple is capable of making some mistakes. Indeed it has. (And it will again.)

How Apple responds to its mistakes can be pretty educational—to developers, entrepreneurs, and humans of all stripes. Sometimes, Apple’s reaction to mistakes is a lesson in precisely how to handle your own errors. On other occasions, Apple can offer a pretty clear of example of just what not to do.

Lex will walk through various examples of Apple’s mistakes, the lessons to learn from the company’s mixed reactions, and how those can influence your own actions in life and work.

About the Speaker: Lex was just recently featured ( in the June issue of Entrepreneur Magazine's "Startups" supplement. You can see the article here.

If you want to find out more about Lex, and get a taste for his humor and interests, check out his blog ( or his (sometimes daily) short podcast "Your Daily Lex" (

Lex is the executive vice president of sales and development for podcast advertising network Midroll (, because, face it: podcasts are awesome.

He is also a senior contributor to Macworld (, an author of several humor and technology books, and a host on three different podcasts, which he knows isn't necessarily something to brag about:

Your Daily Lex (

Not Playing ( with Lex and Dan

Turning This Car Around ( (a fatherhood-focused show)

Lex's blog is called Lex, Briefly (

Lex lives with his wife and three kids in New Jersey.

You can find out more about Lex at his website (

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