What we're about

The group will be hosting meetings regarding Priority ERP development; the new methods at developing, getting inside the WEB world, more ways to develop Priority etc.
The meeting will be held at edea AMC offices.
edea is a software company that implements's Priority ERP systems with POINT OF SALE solutions.

The company has over 140 professional employees and located in AirPort City (Lod)- among them a team of 20 Priority Developers.
edea provides a single point of contact for its customers, starting with analyzing the customer's real needs, implementing the Priority E.R.P system, choosing the right hardware and software for the point of sale systems in the retail chain stores, support and services, Infrastructure and communications

הקבוצה תקיים מפגשים העוסקים בפיתוח מערכת ERP- Priority
חדשנות בפיתוח המערכת, הכניסה לעולם הWEB
שיטות פיתוח מתקדמות
ייעול פיתוח במערכת ועוד
המפגשים ייערכו במשרדי חברת edea
שהינה שותפה עסקית של Priority Software

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