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MY story.

My name is Val Kleyman. I have been a part-time Real Estate Investor for 5 of years now. I own a number of rental properties. For the past 8 years, I have had my ups and downs as an investor, but lately I have realized that this is not a solo game, you need friends, partners and lenders. I am not a financial advisor, an accountant or a lawyer, just someone that does this hand’s on and is willing to meet and work with others who do the same.

MY group.

This group is being organized for 2 reasons. The first is that I see a need for people to know how to properly invest in real estate. Everyone makes mistakes, but having someone to talk to is crucial in success. That’s where I come in. I volunteer to help people get involved in real estate. Granted, I am not a millionaire or a “qualified” mentor like those late-night infomercials would have you believe. I am not here to sell you books, or tapes. I am not here to charge any money for seminars or junk like that. I am here to evaluate your purchases, advise on repair work and create a proper team around your so that they can invest properly and with as little risk as possible. The second reason is that I am looking for partners on my personal deals. I am not looking to solicit anyone, but I am coming across stuff that is really great and I need capital to make things happen. In return, I offer training, guidance and returns Wall Steet can only dream of…or at least lie about (see movie “Inside Job” for details). My books are transparent and so am I. We can review mine and/or anyone else’s deals, past successes and/or failures. I believe in this as a long term goal and would be happy to help you make Main Street a reality for you!

MY goal.

The goal of this network is simple. It is to grow and invest wisely in long term assets that provide a positive return month after month. This game should no longer be for the big boys, everyone should have a chance to invest and live easier. I am simply trying to organize a new group of people, future partners, and investment entrepreneurs who can improve their lives and provide for themselves in the future. Because we both know, neither the government nor Wall Street will do that for you. I am convinced of this now.
Join if you like, but remember: This is for serious investors ONLY. We will be analyzing deals constantly. We will be visiting prospective purchases and locations. Our Meetups will be in different parts of NY/NJ/PA, they will not be in a conference room most of the time. We need to touch and be hand’s on because the classroom is no longer a good learning venue. We will be hunting, acquiring and growing our wealth together. So if you aren’t serious about committing yourself here, do NOT join or waste our time. Thank you and looking forward to meeting everyone for the first time.

Thank You,

Val Kleyman


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