What we're about

SonderMind is a community of therapists and wellness practitioners in Colorado. We have two locations in Boulder with more than 60 members. Here is our website: https://sondermind.com/

SonderMind also runs a Provider Network which you can get more information on Here: https://sites.google.com/sondermind.com/join-spn/home
our Provider Network allows clients better access to equal care and, allows you as a therapist to thrive.

The purpose of this group is to provide a place for Private Practitioners to talk about the unique hurdles that must be overcome in running a small business. This group will mainly conduct open forum conversations about what your business is doing well and also to give you clear insight on some areas of improvement.

You can expect to: meet other Boulder therapists and network, talk about your practice, learn about best practices for new client acquisition, client retention, client record management and more. Come, join our group and learn about the SonderMind vision of bringing together the very best independent mental health private practice owners who are committed to eradicating stigma surrounding mental health and improving overall whole person wellness.

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