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With the state of Brexit negotiations practically at an impasse, and still no clear idea of what leaving the EU actually means it is becoming more worrying and scary by the day what will happen post Brexit. Jobs will be lost, Our NHS is already in crisis, EU citizens have still received no concrete guarantee that their lives here will not be disrupted and made harder, Our own rights as EU citizens will be stripped from us against our will, and trade deals will be very hard to come by. Plus loads more.

A People's Vote on the Deal that Parliament manage to come back with (or indeed if they cannot come up with any deal) with the option to remain in the EU appears to be the only sensible solution right now. Campaigning is being done all over the country, and with the 2nd largest march and rally ever in London on 20th October (Over 750,000) we need to continue to fight and stop this fiasco! There are many local groups already, but there may be many of you who are unaware how you can find out what groups are your there and how to get active. Things such as signing the PV petitions, writing to you mp. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, no-one is going to be better off from Brexit, only worse off, and no-one voted for that! This group would be for like-minded individuals to together to discuss strategy and ideas for how we can get active to get the People's Vote that this country deserves!

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Marking 31st January

Lightwoods Park and House

Social evening

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Peoples Vote march - Coaches from Birmingham

Saint Martin's Queensway

Put it to the People march

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