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Proassetz group look forward for young and enthusistic Blockchain, Crypto & Fintec lovers who aim towards adopting latest technology and the digitalized world to communicate and share thought and grow together in harmony.

We are inching closer to the launch of Proassetz, (Malta based crypocurrency exchange), in India. 8th December would be marked as the date when Proassetz went live and ACT was listed as a traded pair on the platform. It goes without mention that the event would introduce you to the dynamic "Proassetz exchange" and let you give a deeper dive into its functionality. ACT would get listed and our exchange and the words of Mr Kashyap would enlighten an idea about Achain, the public blockchain platform. Along with the above, we would be having discussions on (a) Blockhain and its future (b)the risk and mitigation methods related with cryptos (c) Fintec Trends

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