What we're about

This is a group focussing on "entering" Product Management.

Ideal for new grads, career changers, entry-level product managers, job seekers.
BUT anyone and everyone is welcome to be a part of this group.

Entering product management can sometimes be painful, daunting, confusing and overwhelming.

Remember "Getting started is the hardest part"?

The goal of this group is to help each other get started and encourage along the way!

This group is ideal for the following people/activities--
1. Career starters - Recent grads wanting to get into product management
2. Career changers - Experienced professionals wanting to get into product management
2. Current product managers (any level)
3. Mentors conducting resume critiques/mock interviews
4. Interviewees interested in having a 2-way mock interview practice sessions (in person or virtually)
5. Product Management study groups
6. Experienced PM's interested in giving informative talks

Location of meetups: Meetups will happen at various locations across the Bay area.

Let's take this challenging journey together by sharing, teaching, learning or simply just being there for one another. Come say hello to our PMs-to-be!

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Network! First Meetup

The Mill

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