• Product of ADL Meetup - June 2019


    This month's Meetup is brought to you by HappyCo. Join us for a quick rundown about their products and platform and the usual banter about the challenges and triumphs we experience as designers. Drinks and food will be on HappyCo! https://happy.co/ HappyCo is the leading real-time operations platform for inspecting, managing and monitoring residential properties and commercial facilities * Important note: You will need to be on the list of attendees for catering, security and sign in purposes, so don't forget to RSVP! * ---- If you're new here, welcome to Product of ADL! A monthly meetup group for (digital) product designers. Just turn up, grab yourself a drink and talk product design with some new and familiar faces. If you're into UX, UI, interaction, brand, business strategy, or any of the myriad other topics we love to talk about, you'll fit right in – but even more so if you're into all of the above. Remember to join our Slack here: http://aussiedesigners.club Once accepted, join the channel: #adelaide Hope to see you there!