How to Kick Off Initiatives From the Ground Up by Expedia Sr PM

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Product Management is a continuous discovery process. Business strategies evolve, new customer insights unfold, competitive landscape changes.
With this ever-changing environment, how do you decide you have learned enough to define an MVP? The key is to identify the common denominator. A common denominator is a fundamental problem or the key technology element that you need no matter what. Once you identify the common denominator, you can establish your first hypothesis. Using this hypothesis, you can define the MVP that will maximize the learning against this hypothesis. Once you equip the engineering team with a well-defined MVP with clear acceptance criteria, you unblock yourself to discover the vNext. In this session, I will share my learning on how to systematically discover the common denominator that helps define the MVP. I will then introduce an opportunity-based prioritization framework to continuously discover and refine the vNext features and help build a product roadmap.

Main takeaways:
- How to know if you have defined the MVP
- How to identify the common Denominator
- How to build a roadmap from an opportunity based prioritization framework

Meet the Speaker: Yogesh Ratnaparkhi

Yogesh Ratnaparkhi is a Senior Product Manager at Expedia Group in Seattle. He has previously worked as Director of Product Management at Limeade. Yogesh became a Product Manager and found that his wide range of skills was a perfect match for a career in product.

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