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This meetup is for anybody who designs products to make this world a better place to live for every living being. You could be a UX designer, Product Manager, Usability engineer, product owner..the title doesn't matter as long as you get involved in designing Products at any phase of the product development

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Why do Potential Customers Drop off from your Marketing Funnels?

**FREE Webinar** *Registration required on Leanpitch portal: https://bit.ly/3qhiIng * 💡Agenda: Attend this webinar to understand why your website visitors are not paying you money by overcoming the bottlenecks on your website user interface and your funnel. Uncover the hidden truths behind increasing the conversion rates on your marketing funnel. ✨ Facilitator: Charan Shetty, Founder @ MarketerHub (LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shettyhimself/) 🔗 Register for FREE here: https://bit.ly/3qhiIng 📱Resources available on Leanpitch App : iOS - https://apple.co/2UAUq9R and PlayStore - https://bit.ly/2WvdwAL * PM Speaks Series: Interview of Product Managers * Webinar Recordings: of all previous webinars * Videos: Small PM snippets * Blogs: Product Management Blogs 📟 Product Thinking Telegram Group: https://bit.ly/3fzdKwP ⛳ Upcoming Courses from our sponsors: * Online 2-days Certified Scrum Product Owner (Jan 23rd - 24th): https://bit.ly/3fWHtjU * Online Certified Scrum Master Workshop (Jan 23rd - 24th): https://bit.ly/2WWbzwi * Online ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching Workshop (Jan 22nd - 24th): https://leanpitch.com/certified-agile-coach * Online Advanced Scrum Master workshop (March 13th - 14th): https://leanpitch.com/online/advanced-scrum-master-training * Online Certified Scrum Professional - SM (Feb 20th - 21st) : https://leanpitch.com/online/certified-scrum-professional-scrum-master * Online ICAgile Certified Coaching Agile Transitions (Jan 30th - 31st) * Online ICAgile DevOps Foundation Workshop (Feb 6th - 7th): https://leanpitch.com/online/devops-certification-training Register for Online courses here: https://leanpitch.com/onlinecourses/ ❓ Frequently asked questions: Is the Webinar paid? It is FREE and sponsored by Leanpitch (http://www.leanpitch.com) Where can I see the webinar recording? The webinar recordings will be available on Leanpitch App. Download app here: iOS - https://apple.co/2UAUq9R | Android - https://bit.ly/2WvdwAL

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