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ProductBeats is where Product People get the latest trends, insights and support to let your Product grow! . The Meetup group and Community is run by Tolpagorni Product Management and European Product Experts, feeding the discussion with knowledge and content.

Bring all your energy, questions and curiosity - together we build a stronger Product Community. Through your participation this can be a truly unique Community!

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How Facebook recruit and build Product organisation with Product Sense

Workshop with Henry Soong, Facebook If you are in a recruiting position, leading a group of Product People or just interested in growing organizations you need to listen to this. As a Product Manager at Facebook, Henry Soong has built Product Sense, a way of looking at Product to make it scale which made a huge impact in Facebook. It is used not only by organizations but also to make individuals grow within Product. Henry will share the concept with you and teach how to achieve it! Henry was most recently Facebook's Head of Product Management for China, where he built a multibillion $ ads business. He is also a former high school mathematics teacher. Now he is an entrepreneur in San Francisco. He is a leader in building great consumer products & user growth. Henry is in the early stage of building a startup, traveling Europe in November 2019 to meet talented writers, producers, engineers, designers, & investors. He is excited about the future of storytelling. Start planning for massive scaling! 20th of November. 3200 Sek. Book here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/product-sense-workshop-with-henry-soong-tickets-80509045723

Growth Hacking Products

Ringvägen 100e

Interactive workshop and seminar on how to grow your Product through Growth Hacking. What are the keys to unlock a market? Are there ways to expand with no budget? Participate and contribute to the workshop by bringing your experience and examples to the group! Influence the workshop by telling us in the discussion forum what your interest in growth hacking is? Invite your colleauges and friends to join us in this workshop!

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Webinar - Product Managers Toolbox

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