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Welcome to the Leading the Product community of Product People.

As a community we are very excited to be at the beginning of a Product Led transformation in the way that the world delivers products to their markets. At it’s core this Product Led transformation will be ignited by amazing Product People just like you.

This Product Talks Meetup is one of many around the world bringing together people who have an interest in building, designing, marketing and managing the product of today and of the future.

We run regular events with leading product thinkers who have great experiences to share that can help you to develop your career in product or help you with a particular challenge that you need to overcome.

The Product Talks are a fantastic way to meet other Product People in your local area as well as connecting with other Product People from around the world. You never know where your next job offer will come from.

*** Who Should Join Product Talks? ***

Product Management is not a single role. It covers everything from marketing, strategy, finance, development, sales and customer experience. If you are involved in delivering and managing products in any industry then please come with strong opinions and a desire to voice them!

*** About our SPONSOR ***

We are delighted to announce that Product Talks Sydney has been sponsored by Mixpanel.

Mixpanel helps companies measure what matters, make decisions fast, and build better products through data. With Mixpanel, Product Managers can take control of their product data, with self-serve analytics to understand why people convert, engage and retain to improve their user experience.

Mixpanel is sponsoring Product Talks Sydney meetups to connect with Product Managers who are practicing or discovering product analytics and will be joining us as a speaker in the coming months to share more about the topic. For a limited time, Mixpanel is offering Product Talks Sydney members $3,000 in Mixpanel credits to get started. Redeem your offer here: https://bit.ly/PTSyd3k

*** The Global Product Talks Network ***

If are not located in the local area then please check out the other LTP PRODUCT TALKS meetups around the world.


*** LEADING THE PRODUCT Conferences ***

Leading the Product brings the community together at a number of conferences each year at a growing number of locations bringing an outstanding entertainment, education and inspiration to all attendees. Visit LeadingTheProduct.com (http://leadingtheproduct.com/) to get a ticket for the next event in your region.

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Introduction to Product Analytics with Xinlin Tan

Online event

Behind every great product is a brilliant product team…and well-analysed product data that enables the team to better understand their users, and optimise their user experience. Product analytics allow product teams to understand how users are engaging with their products and ensure every product decision made begins and ends with data.

Most successful product teams are able to harness the power of product analytics by asking the right questions, collecting the necessary data, and turning these data into actionable insights that guide their next steps in building better products. In fact, studies have shown that companies that use product analytics are likely to be far more profitable than companies that don’t.

If you are a product leader, designer or developer, join us for this 1 hour workshop where you will learn:
* What is Product Analytics and why is it important?
* How does Product Analytics differ from marketing/web analytics and BI?
* How to choose the right metrics to measure product success?
* How to use Product Analytics to learn more about user behaviour to better convert, engage, and retain them?

=== About Our Speaker ===
Xinlin Tan, Senior Solutions Consultant, APAC, Mixpanel

Xinlin works with Mixpanel customers in APAC to ask better questions about their data. She has collaborated closely with product teams to help them deeply understand user behaviour and engagement.

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Why language really matters!

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