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Hi all,

Ideas are easy..... In the end, it's all about the execution. But how to do this in the most efficient and effective manner? How do we stay focused and not get lost in email, Slack, inefficient meetings etc? As product people, we are usually required to communicate often with many people. How do we keep time for "deep work (http://calnewport.com/books/deep-work/)"?

Learn more about this in the next edition of ProductTank which will be all about efficient and effective working: at a personal level, team level and company level.


Doors open: 18.30

Talks start: 19.00

We have a great line-up of speakers:

Talk #1 - David Allen, Getting Things Done (http://gettingthingsdone.com/)

We're very happy to have David Allen as a speaker this edition!

This talk will be an introduction to David's revolutionary, unique and highly practical system for improving personal and organisational productivity called Getting Things Done.

Talk #2 - Jaap-Willem Mol, VergaderVerkalking

Effective meetings

Jaap-Willem will speak about how to have effective meetings, not just once, but consistently. There are three basic principles that lie central to this: Rules, Roles and Feedback. Jaap-Willem will explain these principles in more detail in his talk.

Talk #3 - Dennis Paagman, Springest (https://www.springest.nl/)

Holocracy for organisational transparency and efficiency

"At Springest we work with Holacracy. This organisational framework forces us to be super transparent, which makes us productive and aligned on our goals from the whole company down to each team and individual. In this talk I will show some examples of how that works out in the real world for us."

The meetup will be held at the office of our sponsor: Springest (https://www.springest.nl/)
(Van Diemenstraat 192, 1013 CP Amsterdam)

Doors open: 18.30
Talks start: 19.00

Hope to see you there!

Steven, Gavin and Iris