• Growing as a product manager, how we learn on the fly.

    Ever wondered what you would tell 20-year-old you if you had the chance? Would you recommend him/her getting into product management? If so, what would you have liked to know up front? Samia Suys, Roeland Delrue and Kirsten Luca know exactly what they learned on the job and are happy to share! What can you expect? Samia, Roeland and Kirsten will start by briefly sharing some lessons they learned along the way. After that, it's up to you! The intro's will be followed by a panel session around questions from you, the audience. Who's in the panel? - Kirsten Luca: Product Management Lead at In The Pocket. She started her career in management consulting and project management, but quickly discovered that building digital user centric experiences is what energizes her. In the meantime she has been in product management for about a decade at companies like Orange Belgium, Adobe (San Francisco) and In The Pocket. - Roeland Delrue: Product Manager at Showpad. His day-to-day includes user research, scoping and specifying capabilities, iterating on designs, being the product owner of 2 engineering teams and coordinating with the 'go-to-market' teams to successfully launch the increments of the new product(s). - Samia Suys: Product Manager & Coach at ACA IT-Solutions. She actually wrote a blogpost on this subject which inspired us so much she just needed to be part of the panel. (If you haven't read it, you can find it here: https://blog.usejournal.com/4-things-i-learned-the-hard-way-about-being-a-product-manager-b6356c7839e1)