• The right tool for the job


    As a famous Product Manager (n)ever said, ‘Give me a pen, paper and spreadsheets and I’ll help you find solutions for all your problems’. As true that can be, these days, a bunch of tools can help you do your job better than ever. This is a completely biased overview of all the tools and services that can help you on your job. Simon Floré is a Product Manager at Bothrs. After doing a bunch of engineering gigs in the past, he turned in his programming books and swapped them out for all things product. Bert Heymans is a senior Product Manager and Business Analyst. He has a background in software development and has been experimenting with tools and techniques that support project management since 2006. As a lean management enthusiast he strongly believes in tools that stimulate collaboration and help define efficient processes in an enterprise.

  • Sometimes you've got to sprint before you can walk

    ProductTank goes Antwerp: on this first Antwerp edition we are welcoming Claire Shapiro! Claire is a senior consultant at the Board of Innovation. She'll hold an (interactive) session on design sprints as a tool for product management and give insights on the role of a UX program manager in a mature product team. Seats are limited so please RSVP!

  • User Testing: Get out of the building

    In The Pocket

    The central theme of the first ProductTank Belgium meetup is ‘user testing’, a topic of interest for anyone in the product field. As Steve Blank puts it: “the key to succes: get out of the building!”. And as with any good oneliner, that’s easier said than done. In The Pocket is happy to host this first ProductTank Belgium meetup. We’ll start at 19h, drinks will be provided. First up is Aron-Levi Herregodts. He is an innovation manager at imec.livinglabs and will present the story of ‘Hello Jenny!’, a multidisciplinary project with the main challenge to address social isolation among the elderly. The project was executed in close collaboration between imec, UGent, Digipolis, OCMW & Stad Gent. The approach followed the true living lab methodology: 1) explore the problem space with all relevant stakeholders, 2) co-design a prototype with end-users, 3) test and iterate in a real-life context. Taking UX Research out of the corporate building: our second speaker is Peter Gevaerts, UX Researcher at BNP Paribas Fortis. After professionalising and intensifying the research activities in the past years, the research team of the bank now takes the opportunity to get out of the headquarters, to go and meet customers at local branches, in their regular shopping context or even at their home. Peter will tell us about their adventures out of the building. Our final speaker is Thijs Van de Broek; digital strategist at In The Pocket and an expert on user testing. He’ll talk about integrating user testing in agile product development and how to overcome some of the common challenges. To wrap up the meetup, we’ll have a group discussion on a couple of bold statements about users testing. Directions to the venue: https://inthepocket.com/directions-to-in-the-pocket

  • Happy Product Year 2019

    Test Aankoop / Test Achats

    First Product Tank of 2019, let's join together for some bubbly drinks. Share your new year, new product resolutions and get to know the group. Make sure to confirm your participation to allow us to get enough food and drinks for all.

  • #4 Your product organization? Boost sales to double digits in a declining market

    Our main topic for today: *Ever wondered how to turn a me-too product to something differentiating for its market?* Stijn brings a nice case on how dressing a conventional product with the right value prop for every shackle in the value chain, can boost your sales to double-digit growth in a declining market. Stijn Melis has quite some years of expertise in strategic product management topped with a tasty sauce of marketing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Afterwards, let's have a group discussion on Product Management in Belgium. Share your experiences and ask questions. ----------- We also provide some sandwiches, if you subscribe, we expect you to come to avoid throwing away food. Thank you.

  • #2 AMA | ProductTank Brussels Online with Chad McAllister, PhD

    Our second online AMA. We invite Chad McAllister, PhD to participate in the Q&A. Following url will allow you to participate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8HzHl1_i_Y *Who is Chad?* Chad has over 25 years of Product Management experience. This led him to discover how to avoid costly mistakes, and earn certifications from PMI, PDMA, and AIPMM. He also did a deep dive into why customer needs are misunderstood and earned a PhD in Innovation (building on previous degrees in Engineering). Chad developed a framework, the “Product Mastery Roadmap,” that he shares with Product Managers and Organizations to help them become Product Masters using this proven system. Product Masters become leaders that significantly increase the success of their organization. Join Chad on his weekly podcast https://productinnovationeducators.com/tei/. *How does it work?* Like last time, you can watch the AMA on Youtube, and ask questions via the chatbox. We will fetch those questions during the talk to have a nice discussion.

  • #3 UX, Service Design and Empathy - ProductTank Brussel 28/03

    UX, Service Design and Empathy. Have we triggered your interest already? Join us for an evening focused on interesting talks, presented by Arnaud Dierickx from U-Sentric and Jérôme Coupé from Central.

  • AMA#1 Meet Bryan McCarty and Bernard Ortiz de Montellano

    Join our first online Meetup. We organize an Ask Me Anything with these very experienced Product People. Join us online to ask questions related to Product Management, Product Marketing or anything related to Product Management. All online, so join from your computer via this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K40d00Uol3Y

  • ProductTank BXL #2 Start of a new year

    Test Aankoop / Test Achats

    Second ProductTank for us, another location but happy to welcome you all to this exciting challenge again. An updated detailed planning will be added shortly First Speaker: Peter Geelen will do a Q&A session on GDPR in Product Management. Please send us your question on the Facebook group so Peter can prepare. Second Speaker: Bram Vanschoenwinkel will present some case studies related to Data-driven Product management