ProductTank #24: The challenges of B2B products


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How do we go about implementing a build-measure-learn loop for B2B products? How do we find potential customers and users within customer organizations? How do we perform discovery? What metrics should we consider?

For our 24th event, two great speakers will share with us their experience working with B2B products.

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Our Speakers:

Ajay Brar: "Finding Product Market Fit for B2B products"
While the Lean Startup method pioneered by Eric Ries, and Lean and Design Thinking principles more generally have gained widespread popularity, their concepts do not translate easily to the world of B2B products. For one, a scaled-down just-enough-functionality-to-test-hypothesis product is unlikely to be bought by any business. For another, user satisfaction and uptake is a poor proxy for business satisfaction and sales. Without personal relationships, businesses are unlikely to offer access to their employees for deep user research.
In this talk, he describes how partnering with businesses on building proof of concept products allows implementing lean principles while overcoming challenges unique to the B2B context. The talk also covers metrics relevant in this context and research methods that he found most successful.

Yang Meyer: "Customer success managers play a vital role in a B2B product company, being in constant contact with customers and arguably knowing them best. How can we, as product managers, make the best use of this knowledge? What role do CS managers play in shaping the product? How might we help them make our customers successful – even if we don’t implement every feature request? He will share how they do it, what they’ve tried, what worked for them and what didn’t."

6:30 PM - Doors open, snacks and drinks! (please arrive before 7.30pm)
7:30 PM - Hello from Product Tank
7:45 PM - Ajay Brar
8:15 PM - Yang Meyer
8:45 PM - Q&A
9:15 PM - Networking & drinks

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More info about our speakers:

- Ajay Brar
Ajay is a Product and Design principal at Thoughtworks. He also makes films and writes fiction.

- Yang Meyer
Yang is a Principal Product Manager at BRYTER, where he brings clarity to the “wicked problems”, where it’s not even clear what the right question is, let alone the solution. BRYTER is a no-code decision automation platform that enables experts to automate and deliver their knowledge. Yang has worked on strategy, company-building, and product management with a number of startups in Germany, Stockholm, and New York. He also runs ProductTank Frankfurt.

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