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ProductTank @Octopus - Product-led Growth

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ProductTank @Octopus - Product-led Growth


Octopus Deploy is a striking example of product-led growth. From a side project in 2011 to over 200 people today, relying on word-of-mouth for advertising and a self-serve sales model, Octopus focused on building a product that sold itself.

Until recently, every license was “bought, not sold.” Despite almost no outbound marketing, Octopus was adopted by thousands of companies around the world.

For this month's ProductTank, we’ll take a tour of what this looked like in practice. We'll hear from hear from Michael Richardson, Product Director at Octopus. With the clarity of hindsight, Michael will reflect on the things that worked incredibly well, both intentionally and accidentally, and a few they would do differently if they knew then what they know now.

ProductTank is a meetup for product people by product people. Our mission is to provide supportive community and inspiring content to people defining, designing, building and growing product.

This event will be hosted and located at the Octopus offices in South Brisbane.

ProductTank Brisbane
ProductTank Brisbane
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199 Grey St · South Brisbane
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