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Getting started with Product Management on World Product Day

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Product Management is one of those careers paths that many just find themselves in. There are endless debates about the role of the Product Manager (are they the CEO of the product? Where does the the role of the PdM end that the one of the project manager starts? Where product management ends and product marketing starts).

This is partly because the role is being defined and reinterpreted constantly and partly due to the very diverse background of PdMs. From startup owners to marketers, from engineers, designers to HR professionals, there are 100 paths and stories.

In this meetup, we will will have a panel of very smart and experienced people who will talk about their career path and give advices for people interested in getting started in product management.

Together with those that have experience in the field we will put together a set of resources and advices on how to learn about product management and how to stay relevant and continue to learn.

If you are just considering product management or just have started in this field, you will learn about the struggles of being new to this role and how to overcome them and about the rewards and satisfactions this role comes with.

If you have been doing this for a while, share your story and learn about how others educate themselves and what they do to become better product managers.

This meetup is organised as part of World Product Day ( We will be one of 90+ locations in 43 countries around the world organising events related to Product Management on this day.

See you there to learn and grow together!