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Welcome to the 8th Meetup of ProductTank Cordoba!
We are super excited about building together a thriving product community so we can all growth professionally and network with people who share our love for great products and technology.
This time around we'll focus on product development in products which mix hardware and software.
Four stellar speakers will join us to discuss their experiences and recommendations.
Remember to RSVP in advance, attendance will be limited to 30 participants.


• 7:00-7:15 PM - Sponsor intro

• 7:20-7:50 PM - "End to end development on an IoT product" by Francisco Vonscheidt and Martin Gleria from Webee

• 7:50-8:20 PM - "Smart Furniture 2.0" by Rodrigo Merelli, CEO - Curvilux

• 8:30-8:50 PM - "Oliver - the product journey" by Jose Gonzalez Ruzo, CEO - Oliver


Rodrigo Merelli, CEO - Curvilux
Rodrigo was born and raised in Córdoba. He has formal education in Electromechanics and Agronomics but before graduating, he started his own merchandising company that nowadays supplies with souvenirs most of Argentina's tourist attractions including Iguazú falls. He's currently co-founder and CEO of Curvilux, a smart furniture company that created the first time ever smart nightstand. The company, Startup Chile alumni, after being funded by angel investors and Masisa, is now about to launch a new wifi enabled collection that includes a nightstand, a desk and a tv-table.

Francisco Vonscheidt, Hardware Manager - Weebe
Webee Corporation
Francisco has 7 years of experience working on hardware development and design, focused on IoT solutions.
His leadership in Webee extends to Hardware, Firmware and Software development that together build the final product.
Francisco has been leading projects in Shenzhen, China, USA and Japan.

Martin Gleria
Scrum Master & Team Leader
Webee Corporation
Martin has started his passion for technology 15 years ago. Trained as a Computer Engineer he has been working with different technologies.
Today he is team leader and Scrum Master at Webee, he is oriented to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in IoT and AI product development processes.

Jose Gonzalez Ruzo
CEO - Oliver
José loves building amazing teams where they can compromise together to develop cool projects and realize dreams by working hard but at the same time having fun. He is passionate when it comes to inspiring people, communities, organizations, projects, cities, and open ecosystems.