Intervention : A meta approach to cracking the product management interviews



Cracking Product Management interviews is not easy. And the reason we believe its hard is because of the nuances of the roles and the non-evolved hiring process.

As a candidate, you are expected to answer certain questions in a structured manner, in a few mins and that too in an interview setting. Whereas if you were to be an employee and then asked to solve the same question, behold - you suddenly have the luxury of time, Google and mentors who will help you DO IT. As a result, folks who are actually high performers in their jobs, might not do very well in the interview process.

In preparation, we think there is a lot of material available online on how to answer specific questions about Guesstimates, product design etc. In this talk, we would not discuss those. Instead, we would go over a meta approach to interview preparation that acts as a complimentary prep with the above.

Pankaj’s Story:

I personally went through this challenge. After I had played the role of a Product Manager for over 1.5 years at a top tech company, I still struggled to get another Product Management job. It was so bad that I ended up taking a Program Management role. Again I struggled to get a Product Management Job even after knowing so well that I was capable of doing the job and had done it myself for 1.5 years already. After 3 years of struggle, I finally did something I should have done long back - I started asking for help. What I got & discovered is no rocket science. A realization that this was such basic stuff and should have been done long back.

These basic but hard to implement ideas are what worked for me. With this system, I have been fortunate enough to get offers from top tech companies. I have also mentored/helped quite a few people get into Product Management jobs with these methods.

Pankaj has 13 years of experience in building and shipping products with both in B2B and B2C ecosystem. Previously served CoinTribe as VP Products, Pankaj is currently working with GreyOrange as Director of Products where, to the dismay of many detectives, he can proudly say, the Butler did it.

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Who should attend: PMs with 2 - 10 yrs of experience who are yet to crack that interview.