Conversational Interfaces

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With rapid advancements in computing power and connected devices, we are moving towards a world that will communicate with technology in ways we haven't even imagined. One such method (straight out of George Orwell novels) is a conversation or voice-based interfaces.

This workshop intends to dive deep and talk about:
- what are conversational interfaces (are they limited to Siri, Alexa or chat-like interfaces, or is there more?)
- what are the basic principles to keep in mind while designing conversational user interfaces
- how do you actually design such interfaces? what is the framework?
- why are they so effective?
- what are the challenges?

On a broader level, this workshop intends to leave you with tools that can be used to make products that are intuitive and talk to your users, products that feel "natural" and just work!

About Monika:
An empathetic design thinker who likes to transpire design solutions with over a decade of industry experience to enhance the customer experience.

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