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Update: Onsite event is no longer possible but we are planning a live stream from Rich of the talk. Link is here

Our 2nd event of 2020 will hopefully welcome back Rich Mironov ( to Producttank Dublin. Rich has a great talk lined up and you will find more information on it below.

"My Stories Aren't Long Enough… Except When They Are Too Long"

Product managers/owners often hear from their development team that *all* of our user stories are too short, insufficient, skimpy, lacking detail. Except when we hear that *all* of our user stories are long-winded, verbose, overspecifying HOW instead of WHAT. What’s really happening?
Rich will use this user story problem as a jumping-off point for broader agile product thinking. Adapting artifacts and tuning our processes to fit our specific situation rather than getting stuck in someone else's idea of "best practices."

Talk starts at 18:00