ProductTank Exeter #2 - Freelancing, Discovery, and Simplification!

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Come join us at City Gate in Exeter on the 4th April for our first speaker led meetup!

In addition to the three great talks listed below, we'll be revealing our plans for World Product Day, and reviewing the results of our member survey. So if you haven't had a chance to fill in the survey yet, please have at it! 👇

We're grateful for the support of our sponsor, Venture Harbour. They will be doing user research on their latest app Serene (, so do come meet them, test their new app and network from 6pm.

There's parking nearby at the Harlequins council car park, which is conveniently free from 6pm. 😀

Stephanie Potter:
Stephanie is a freelance product manager, with previous consulting experience at a wide variety of organisations including Tandem Money, The British Red Cross, and Travelex.

Freelance product management: a survival guide
The contract market for product managers and leaders can be boom or bust, very often for no discernible reason. Freelancers are also a rare breed, with many returning to a permanent role when the market gets tough. Whether you're thinking about going self-employed or curious how to sustain a contracting career, find out how to get work, what it's like being the newbie all the time, how to stay sane when all your leads go dead, and most importantly how to enjoy the time off!

Alastair Lee:
Alastair is a product management and UX consultant helping organisations agree what to build, for whom and why. He's driven by a desire to make tech work for humans, not the other way around.

Doing Discovery: How the best teams decide what to build next
As Peter Drucker famously said - "There is nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency that which should not be done at all". In this talk Alastair provides a simple overview of modern discovery techniques - why, how and when to use them, to ensure your team doesn't fall into this trap.

Christian Miccio:
Christian is the VP Data Product at VEON, an international telco with more than 210 million customers. He recently built a data platform in a challenging regulatory environment across 12 countries, grew an ML-based ad targeting engine serving 500m events a day, bootstrapped a business app market for a large payment processor, and even created his own music tech startup. He started his product career at Google working on Gmail and Google Maps, and in a previous life was an early joiner and tech lead at Shazam.

Simple and powerful moments in products
Creating simple, magical moments that users can enjoy is everyone’s goal. Products never start out as such, though. Christian will walk through several examples that started out as convoluted experiences and evolved into simple and powerful moments through a combination of research, analysis and trial-and-error.