ProductTank Exeter #4 - Legends of Hip Hop!

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City Gate

Iron Bridge · Devon

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Travelling by 🚗: Harlequins council car park is closest and conveniently free from 6pm 😀. Travelling by 🚈: Exeter Central train station is a five minute walk from City Gate. Any questions on travel/transport, please message one of the organisers.

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Join us from 6pm on the 12th September at the Citygate Hotel in Exeter for a once in a lifetime event. A hip-hop themed ProductTank meetup! We've got three great product and technology talks lined up for you, all themed around hip-hop artists and music. As always, there will also be time to meet and chat with other Product people from the South West, and grab some great food afterwards. We hope to see you there!


🎤#1: Team Building, Collaboration, and Fostering Success: Learning from the Wu-Tang Clan

Summary: Building a successful, happy team is an endeavour that takes time and effort to implement and then continuous work to maintain. There are plenty of amazing teams out there to take inspiration from but for me, the archetype will always be hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan and their de facto lead: RZA.

Still active after 30 years in the game, this team comprises of a range of diverse personalities with varying skills who were brought together to fulfil a collective vision. In their time, they have experienced great successes whilst weathering numerous trials and tribulations.

This presentation will draw upon the Wu-Tang saga to explore what it takes to assemble a team that has impact and longevity. From recruitment to objective setting, conflict resolution to mentoring, the Wu has it all.

Speaker bio: Matt Northam is a lead front-end developer at Redweb, one of the UK’s largest independent agencies. Previously, he's worked in higher education as well as providing digital support to research and student recruitment. Before that Matt cut his teeth making hip-hop fan sites in the late 1990's, and 20 years on is still keen to extoll the virtues of combining rap with web development.

His generated Wu-Tang name is 'Gentlemen Leader', which isn't exactly the best rap pseudonym ever, but could be a lot worse.


🎤#2: Why Jay-Z would make a great product manager

Summary: Don't think Jay-Z would make a great Product Manager? Think again! In this talk, I look at those attributes which make Jay-Z a great product person and ask the question "What would Jay-Z do!?"

Speaker bio: Marc Abraham is an experienced product management practitioner, Product Ownership Practice Lead at ASOS and Global ProductTank Coordinator at Mind the Product.

He has worked for a large number of successful digital organisations, from startups to more established businesses and has documented his learnings in the book "My Product Management Toolkit" which was published in 2018. He is passionate about all things product management and hip hop.


🎤#3: Beats, Rhymes and Unit Tests

Summary: Speech recognition is all around us. From the smartphones in our pockets to the devices at the heart of our digital homes, we’re never far from speech recognition technology.

The humble web browser is no exception. The Web Speech API enables developers to incorporate advanced speech interactions into today’s web applications. But is it any good?

Combining two of his passions, Tony sets out to discover if the Web Speech API can be used as an aid in transcribing hip-hop lyrics during the writing process. As a development project, each iteration of the app is accompanied by a set of unit tests, with the final test executed live, in a crescendo you won’t want to miss.

Speaker bio: Tony Edwards is one half of Future Sync Events, a tech focused event startup based in the South West. Tony also works for Software Cornwall, a network of digital businesses in the county, where he helps inspire the next generation of budding developers to follow their digital dreams and enter the broader software industry.

Tony also supports the regions digital communities through volunteering, speaking and helping to organise events. Whether it’s live blogging for conferences, managing social media for community meetups, or producing swag for awards ceremonies, if there’s something digitally minded happening in the far South West, the chances are that Tony is in the mix.