ProductTank Exeter #5 - The Product Experience

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The Product Experience is a weekly podcast in which the co-hosts, Lily Smith and Randy Silver, interview a prominent member of the Product Management community on a topic dear to their heart.

For our November meetup we're delighted to welcome both Lily and Randy to Exeter. Lily and Randy will each deliver a talk of their own, followed by a fireside chat and Q&A about the podcast, the fascinating people they have met, and the most interesting stories they have heard.

🎤 Working with tricky people

In this talk, Lily will draw on her experiences working with challenging people to review some of the difficult situations one might face in the workplace, why they may occur, and what you can do to navigate these moments.

🗣 Lily has 14 yrs experience in tech companies and is currently setting up a software division at Symec in Bristol, building B2B tools for the mobile enterprise market. In addition to co-hosting The Product Experience Podcast, Lily is also a founding co-organiser of ProductTank Bristol.

🎤 HERE BE DRAGONS: Product, Discovery, and how not to mess it up

When I lived in Seattle, a friend bought a boat. He described it as "a hole in the water that you throw money into". In the Product world, that's a pretty accurate description of Discovery – you never know how long it’s going to take or what you're going to get out of it.

Even worse, we use the word Discovery to mean a lot of things – yet most of the time, we don't discover anything new. Current or potential customers already know this stuff. We're simply hoping to learn.

In this talk, I cover what Discovery actually means, the part we're almost universally bad at, and give practical advice about how you can employ a new technique to do this.

🗣 A recovering music journalist & editor, Randy has been working as an interactive producer & product manager for nearly 20 years.

After launching Amazon’s music stores in the US and UK, Randy has worked with museums and arts groups, online education, media & entertainment, retail and financial services. He’s held Head of Product roles at HSBC and Sainsbury’s, and is currently the UK Director for Insider Insights at Motivate Design, working with product teams on better ways to handle the Discovery process.


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🚗 The closest parking is at Harlequins council car park, which is conveniently free from 6pm.

🚈 Exeter Central train station is a five minute walk from the City Gate Hotel, while Exeter St. Davids is a ten minute walk.

🍔 As usual, we’ll move into the bar area for drinks and food afterwards, so do join us for that.