ProductTank Exeter #6 - One year anniversary!

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It's been a year since our first ProductTank Exeter event, and it's been incredible to see the growth in our community of Product people from Devon, Somerset, and Cornwall. So to celebrate our anniversary we've lined up three great speakers for our first meetup of 2020, all drawn from our local community in the South West!

🎤Top tips for running successful user testing sessions

User testing is one of the most valuable and enlightening processes that you can do in any project. It’s also a very human process, focusing on real users’ experiences, thoughts and feelings while using your product.

🗣Darren Hunt, Director of Stripe Creative and u.exe User Testing Lab

For over 20 years Darren has been working in the digital industry with all kinds of businesses, from micro businesses and start ups to large corporates. Over this time we have seen many innovations in website design, some good, some bad. Possibly the biggest game changer has been the adoption of User Experience design.

Although effective design has always hinged on asking the right questions and understanding the target audience, (even as far back as the ad agencies of the 60s), UX design has provided an extensive tool kit and methodology which has integrated itself in the creative process.

Recognising the importance of good user experience for businesses of all sizes, Darren has recently launched u.exe, Exeter’s first and only UX lab, as a resource to enable South West businesses to improve their user experience and ultimately, their bottom line.

🎤Why Great UX Means Better Business

Great user experience is no longer a competitive advantage but a necessity; something that we and users alike expect and demand in 2020.

This talk will introduce you to User Experience and User Centred Design, Usability and Design Thinking as strategic assets in your business, regardless of your background and industry. You will find out about the best practises already perfected by big players, as well as how to implement them in your own organisation.

🗣Paula Kaminska, UX Director at Duesday

For the past 20 years, Paula has been driven by her passion for IT, design and psychology. Her obsession with creating and refining user experiences has meant she has grown alongside the ever-expanding field of UX.

Accumulating all of her experience and practice, she is the UX lead behind the user centred payment solutions at Duesday. Applications that are strongly focused on the user and endeavour to make payments more simple and accessible for the masses.

🎤In My Humble Opinion

Great product managers are humble to a fault. They understand that their opinion is just one of many that are valuable and valid. They know that they can never fully understand how others feel, or what others need, but must never stop trying to do so. They do not crave attention, credit, or authority, yet they offer them willingly to others.

This talk will examine why this is the case, and what this means for you. Why is humility is so foundational to being a product manager? How can you develop your humility as a skill? And how can you test for and recognise humility in others when looking for people to join your team?

🗣Thor Mitchell, Product Leadership Coach

Thor works with Heads of Product and Chief Product Officers in the UK, Europe, and the Americas, to help them build and develop high performing product teams.

Thor has twenty years experience in the technology industry, including nine years as an Engineer and Product Manager at Google, and three years as Chief Product Officer at Crowdcube. Thor also works closely with a number of UK universities to introduce Product Management to students studying business and entrepreneurship, is a founding co-organiser of ProductTank Exeter, and was the featured guest on the first episode of the Product Experience podcast.

🚗 Harlequins council car park is free from 6pm.
🚈 Nearest rail stations are Exeter Central and Exeter St. Davids.