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A evening with Leslie Barry and Saeed Khan

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Hacking your Innovation Pipeline like Google.
(Getting results from your Innovation Investment)

Innovation is firmly on the leadership agenda and we’ve evolved many models to attempt to generate ROII. Why is this so hard and how can we fix it? How can we create an entrepreneurial mindset in our people, while protecting our existing business, and discovering new solutions to new problems that delight our customers to find the ’next big thing’?

The surprisingly simple answer is to focus your innovation investment on the right products and ideas by asking ‘Should we build it?” vs “can we build it?”. Learn why Apex Innovators like GAFA (Google, Apple Facebook, Amazon) run hundreds of experiments continuously to discover and launch new products that customers love.

We’ll explore examples from RACV, RACQ, Sportsbet, Newscorp and others.

About Leslie
Leslie leads Exponential Innovation, working with corporate innovators to deliver innovation results through rapid experimentation and exponential technologies. Leslie has built four startups, sold two and worked with over 2000 founders across 32 countries.

He’s worked as Head of Innovation with both ThoughtWorks and Sportsbet, and advised and mentored in numerous startup accelerators in the Asia Pacific region. Also Board Advisor to Phoria, a startup focused on immersive digital experiences. Mentored at TechStars, Slingshot and Melbourne University Accelerator program.

Driving Product Success throughout the Product Lifecycle

One of the biggest challenges in innovation and product management is that there’s no set recipe for success. The same company can have a wildly successful product, followed by many unsuccessful products. And the reality is that even for a single product how you drive success early on can be VERY different than how you drive it as the product matures.

Why is this important to understand? Because we live and work in rapidly changing times. Our markets change, technologies change, competitors change, our companies change. and most importantly, customer needs change. Even our measures for success change. The activities and factors that drive success of a new or early stage product are VERY different than that of a maturing or later stage product.

In this talk, we’ll discuss the various stages of the product lifecycle, how Product Managers should think about them, and the kinds of actions and focus needed to drive success over them. Saeed will use real world examples from a number of software companies where he’s driven product success.

About Saeed
Saeed has been a thought leader and thought provoker throughout his 20+ years working in high-tech product management both in Canada and Silicon Valley. He started the influential blog 'On Product Management' in 1997, and has been writing and speaking on the discipline of Product Management and new product development for a number of years. He is a co-founder ProductCamp Toronto in 2007. He is currently co-founder of Transformation Labs, an advisory firm that helps companies harness innovation, product management and product marketing to drive growth and market success.