ProductTank August: Talk that talk

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Say you, say me, say it together... naturally!

As product managers, we all need to learn the gift of gab - so many people to talk to, and so little time! Learn to make the most of these interactions by turning them into compelling conversations. From devs to designers, learn to speak in a language they recognize and value, ensuring happier times for everyone involved.

Emily Tate, US General Manager, Mind the Product
Emily Tate is General Manager for the US for Mind the Product, the world's largest community of product people. Prior to joining Mind the Product, Emily spent more than 10 years in product leadership as a consultant with Pivotal Labs and as a product manager in the travel industry. She started her career managing software solutions for airlines before taking her experience to the traveller’s side of the journey as the product manager for a leading travel management app, TripCase. Emily is passionate about the craft of product management and loves talking about new ways to make products people love. She was listed as one of “52 Women Making an Impact in Product Management.”

Edith Isdal, Senior Service Designer, Idean
Edith always knew she wanted to work with creative problem solving - she holds a BA in Architecture, an MA in Industrial Design and a MA in Service / interaction design. Her first job title at the University of Oslo was «Head Engineer» so she usually jokes about take two and get one for free. She has more than 10 years experience working creatively and multidisciplinary in large established businesses and organisations in Europe and in Asia.

James Mathieson, Product Manager, Working Group Two
How to Talk to Bartenders - er, I mean - Developers Without Annoying Them to Death
Bartender turned software engineer, James has experienced many different forms of communication - some great, and others....well, not so great. After 8 years of mixing drinks & pouring beers, James started mixing code & creating products. He has held leadership roles and collaborated on international products in order to help disrupt the banking industry with Klarna, and now finds himself aiming to do the same to the Telco industry as part of Working Group Two.