World Product Day: The Life & Death of a Product Startup

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The Life & Death of a Product Startup

As the software market is increasingly dominated by the stories of disruptive startups and technologies that holy grail of establishing truly innovative products is an alluring one. In 2018 I led the creation, development and ultimately termination of a completely new data product as a "lean startup" venture from within a larger company. In the course of a year we went from nothing more than a vision to having a working product in active trials including a major high street retailer.

Through this talk I will share the lessons that I've learned going through the process of defining an early vision, creating a minimum viable product and taking this into customer trials.
I'll look at the challenging reality of adopting lean startup principles in a B2B context with very different timescales to the consumer market. I'll share some of the unique pressures that I encountered trying to turn an aspirational idea with top-level support into a marketable reality.

Working with early adopters of a new product presents unique challenges and we will look at the impact of our early decisions on the experiences of delivering our product trials. Looking retrospectively we can clearly identify some symptoms that arose in our early adopter experiences as a result of issues in our initial product concept. We'll also learn how vital it is to separate genuine positive feedback from false compliments in early conversations and the importance of always looking for evidence in favour of verbal feedback.

This talk will be a heartfelt and hopefully humorous journey through a year working on a product startup with a lot of takeaways for Product professionals.

Adam Knight is an experienced leader in the field of software Product Development and has been delivering data and analytics products for over 15 years to some of the largest financial, telecommunications and automotive companies in the world. Adam excels at establishing and building highly motivated teams and has done so in a range of disciplines including Product, Customer Support, Software Testing and Technical Authoring. As well as maintaining a popular blog covering product innovation, agile leadership and software testing he has also spoken at software conferences across Europe and has contributed to two influential books on the subject of software quality in Agile teams.

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