Design Thinking in the Product Development Process


An introduction to the Design Thinking process and how it can help product managers (and others) to gather the best insight and convert it into innovative products and services.

AJ Justo has dedicated the last two decades to help in producing innovative, user friendly and effective digital products. With degrees in Design and Computing, he has helped in many areas of software development, but for the last decade he has worked in UX design and research. AJ is currently working as UX Researcher at UserZoom London where he helps large international organisations to run high impact user research.

Alvaro Ruiz is a UX/UI designer working for a software development company. His main areas of expertise are within the field of communication and technology, where he contributes to the user experience of the companies' products or services with his skills on design and management as part of a great team.
Alvaro co-organises the monthly Design Thinking events in Oxford where they practice techniques that can be used in real life projects.