Suburb Edition: The Why of Product Development

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Our friends over at AgilePhilly are hosting a Product event this month!

Why Are We Working on This? A vision of the product for agile teams to deliver the maximum customer value


An assignment of "MUST" is a vision of the product for agile teams to deliver the maximum customer value.

One of the key Agile Manifesto is to: “satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of VALUABLE software.

It is very encouraging that many agile product development teams continue to see significant improvements in their abilities to deliver their product/software on time and frequently with relatively low defects.

Yet, very few have claimed that their customers really think that the delivered software/product is valuable to them.

Why the discrepancies? What are the disconnect in the perception?

For those who want to deliver products that our customers really care about and need, our presentation covers:

1.Why having a strategic product vision is so critical in reminding the agile product development team of its shared purpose and help bring everyone together.

2.Obsessed with the customers . . . is out top competitive advantage.

3.Identifying value propositions that are important to customers.

4. Shortening the cycle from idea conceptualization to validation of potential solutions with key concepts and examples from Lean Innovation such as Lean Start-up/ Lean UX.

5. Creating and prioritizing product backlog items from the product roadmap.

6. Relentlessly getting valuable customer feedback, re-evaluating and re-prioritizing the product backlogs to quickly adapt to change.


Joel Chew is the Thomson Reuters PMO delivery Manager, with responsibility in hiring, mentoring teams.

He focuses on leading organization end-to-end delivery strategy.

Franklin Armstrong is Moody's product strategist and has embraced AgilePhilly and the meetings at Vanguard

Both are familiar with Marty Cagan’s work on Lean Product Innovation which this talk draws from.

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